Expert Chimney Stack Repairs in Croydon

Do your chimney stacks in Croydon need repairs this winter? GRD Roofing are true roofing specialists who can make all sorts of repairs and installations, including those to your chimney.

Chimney and fireplaces are lovely features to have in a home, but they do involve a fair amount of maintenance to keep them functioning at optimal levels.

If you have noticed moisture in your chimney, this is often something of a red flag. Having moisture in the chimney can cause flue tiles to crack which can be highly dangerous; this is because it allows too much heat into vulnerable areas. It can also be a sign that the chimney crown has been damaged.

If the chimney is very old, spalling masonry can be a massive problem and lead to the eventual destruction of the structure. Another common problem is shaling flue tiles which is a serious condition that can result in house fires. This is when slices of chimney tile pile at the bottom of the chimney when the liner becomes damaged.

With over 18 years of experience, our team know everything there is to know about roofing and chimney repairs and we regularly work in Croydon.

GRD Roofing can carry out all kinds of chimney repairs on your property in Croydon. We regularly work on chimneys throughout Surrey, Kent and London. Our previous projects have included taking down two chimney stacks and rebuilding , re-flaunching and installing bakers’ hats.

If you need chimney stack repairs in Croydon, simply get in touch today.

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