Experts In Flat Roofing In Kent

Do you need a flat roof installation or repairs in Kent?

A flat roof is a cost-effective option for smaller structures, such as garages or extensions. GRP (fibreglass) roofing is particularly popular for such installations.

Flat roofing is usually cheaper than other types of roofing because the construction stage is shorter and less materials are required. The wording ‘flat’ is slightly misleading as this type of roof is always slightly pitched to allow rainwater to run off.

Although they are more affordable than pitched roof systems, the disadvantage of flat roofs is their general lifespan is usually shorter. However, this isn’t the case with fibreglass roofing, which can last for decades without any repairs. A full replacement can also be done in the space of one day, unlike with other types of roofing

If you need flat roof specialists in Kent, GRD Roofing are always happy to help. We regularly install fibreglass (GRP) roofing which is both extremely long-lasting and affordable.

When it comes to roofing specialists, you’ll find no company more experienced or reliable, with most of our business coming from word-of-mouth.

GDR Roofing are highly experienced when it comes to all kinds of roofing and work with all sorts of customers in Kent. Our general building work includes property extensions and garages, for which a flat roof could be ideal.

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